Lucha Authentic Mexican Food

522 N Grand Blvd - St Louis, MO

(314) 916-6640

Handmade Margarita in St. Louis, MO

“Great location with outdoor patio! The tacos are amazing! ”

—  Ricardo (5-star Google Review)

Vegeterian Taco in St. Louis, MO

“First time eating here, authentic mexican tacos are so good. All the food was great, they have the best rice ever! Staff was great!”

—  Monica (5-star Google Review)

From Margaritas to Micheladas

At Lucha we honor ourselves on making traditional Mexican Dishes that gives St. Louis a little taste of Oaxaca

Molotes in St. Louis
Huarache Mexicano in St Louis, MO
Flan Mexicano in St. Louis, MO
Nachos Mexicanos in St. Louis, MO

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